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Increasing Mindfulness

Connecting with nature can increase our mindfulness and help us feel calmer, less stressed and more resilient

Some ideas for ways to connect with nature

  • Go somewhere you’ve always been meaning to visit in your local area.

  • Take time with whanau to connect with the forest.

  • Bathe in the mauri ora (life force) of our natural environment that gives us its own wonderful oranga (health).

  • Spend time gardening. You could grow a few pots of herbs on a window sill.

  • Take notice of the night sky. Be aware of what phase the moon is in and how the visible constellations change throughout the year.

  • Being mindful with technology.

  • Have a technology free day with no phones, computers or television. Plan a day of activities that help you take notice more, eg, outdoor games with the kids, a picnic, build and fly kites, gardening, family bush walks etc.

Adapted from 10 Mindful Ways to use Social Media by Lori Deschene.

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